Transport & Distribution

Moving Your Freight

When you need your freight moved, we deliver.
Our fleet consists of many varied vehicles to accommodate a wide range of customer requirements, always with quality, safety and efficiency in focus.

Our speciality is distribution centre deliveries, where we run in excess of 30 full trailer loads per day into all of Victoria’s major distribution centres, alongside wharf cartage. Our ability to combine freight with a wide and varied customer base allows us the opportunity to provide a cost-effective service for your business.

Our Fleet

Our fleet continues to grow to meet customer demand. We’re ready to move your freight in the best way possible.

  • 30 Prime Mover Fleet
  • 48ft Drop Deck Tautliner Trailers
  • 48ft Mezzanine Drop Deck Tautliner Trailers
  • 45ft Mezzanine Drop Deck Tautliner Trailers
  • 48ft Straight Deck Tautliner Trailers
  • 45ft Straight Deck Tautliner Trailers
  • 45ft Flat Bed Trailers
  • 45ft Bulk Trailers
  • 14 Pallet Flat Bed Rigids
  • 12 Pallet Tautliner Rigids
  • Side Loaders
  • Skel Trailers
A long red truck with Fiorelli Freighters signage on the side is parked in front of a building with a Fiorelli sign on it.

Transport Services

Our team focuses on flexibility and individual solutions. These transport services are available to help your business with any freight requirement.

International Shipping and Wharf Cartage

Fiorelli Group offers services in wharf cartage and international shipping, ensuring the efficient transportation of goods from ports to all destinations with the coordinated planning that international shipping requires.

Wharf Cartage

Wharf cartage involves transporting cargo from the wharf to another location, such as a warehouse, distribution centre, or directly to the customer. This service is a crucial component in the supply chain as it ensures the efficient and timely movement of cargo from ships to the next stage of delivery.

International Shipping

Fiorelli Group’s international shipping services comprise global transport and managing the end-to-end process of goods across international borders. These services are designed to support businesses in managing their supply chains effectively, reducing costs, and ensuring the timely delivery of goods.