Produce & Supply


Fiorelli’s founding business and still the largest division of Fiorelli Group is our potato supply chain service, which provides quality products to the processing industry in Australia and overseas. Fiorelli has grown from a small potato supply business to become Victoria’s largest privately owned potato storage and supply chain business. Our expertise is in providing our customers with the complete potato supply chain solution.


We know our potatoes, sourcing and monitoring for optimal results.


Our fleet and distribution system is ready to move large or small volumes of potatoes, quickly and efficiently.


Storing of potatoes during the winter months is our specialty. Our facility holding capacity of 15,000 tonnes of potatoes allows our customers to secure a ready supply of potatoes at the time they are required.

Washing and Grading

All potatoes that are delivered from our facility are washed and graded to remove any soils and foreign matter from any consignment.

Potato Growers

Fiorelli has been working with some of the country’s most progressive growers since 1958, bringing wonderful quality crops to our customers.

Over the years, we have gone from strength to strength. We have been able to build a great business with the support of an incredible base of suppliers who seem to continually achieve new levels of professionalism. This means that our suppliers are the heart of our operation. That’s why maintaining honest, open relationships with them has always been our priority, it’s something that during a period of huge growth, we’ve never lost sight of.

We have a huge requirement for potatoes and we rely completely on our suppliers, large and small to satisfy this demand. If they have the spuds, we have the sales… it’s as simple as that.

Now, with demand continuing to grow, our suppliers have never been more important to us. We are also looking for new growers to share our success with; we are well placed to forge new, mutually profitable relationships.